Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies

CCSS is a healing sanctuary immersed in the riches of nature, located at Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat & Awareness Centre in Algonquin Park. Since 1996, we have offered a variety of shamanism training and workshops, nature adventures, and shamanic healing retreats. The Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies is dedicated to fostering leaders and growing community in the strengthening Way of the Circle. In the unified shape of the circle, we recognize the infinite potential of what we can achieve together as an empowered community.

Shamanism practiced by CCSS involves journeying within and using our natural senses to find answers. The Edge is a completely drug-free environment.

CCSS shamanism home retreat, the Edge is located on the edge of Ontario's Algonquin Park. Just up the four lane highway from Toronto, we are easily accessible by car, bus, or airport shuttle.

Contact us at [email protected] or 888 383 8320 ext 4.
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